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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to frame my artwork?

As with any with custom product, an accurate estimate depends on specifics. The dimensions of your art and the frame you select are the biggest factors in price. Matting, glass preference, custom mirrors, object mounting, canvas stretching, dry mounting are all additional costs to consider. We will work within your budget to enhance and protect your artwork.


How quickly can you frame artwork?


Our usual turnaround time is two weeks. However, if you need your framed piece the same day, we can accommodate you with our in-stock selection.


Will you frame my artwork using my own materials?

The simple answer is yes. Depending on the condition of your materials, we may recommend alternatives such as replacing or changing a mat color.

Do you frame diplomas, maps, and other documents?

Yes. We will frame almost anything! For these particular types of documents we recommend conservation framing for preservation purposes.


Do you frame custom mirrors? 

Yes! We can produce a mirror in any size you need.

Do you frame sports jerseys? 

Absolutely. Framing these items is a great way to preserve a memory.

Which hanging options are available for my artwork?

We include a complimentary picture hanger based on the size and weight of your piece which is suitable for sheetrock and wood. For other types of walls, such as masonry, plaster, etc., we will make recommendations.

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